Have the Expertise When Needed

Workforce Network is a collective group of skilled consultants who are ready to provide fiscal, talent, and operational management solutions to meet your business needs. With over 30 years of experience in the provision of non-profit, grant-funded programs, and center operations, Workforce Networks’s expertise includes technical assistance, talent management and organizational design.

When a full-time employee is not warranted, qualified experts can be hired on demand to provide a range of services from fiscal to HR to operations. With the procurement of one company, the collection of skilled staff is available when and if the services are needed throughout the program year.

Offering a range of just-in-time solutions by skilled experts in areas including:

Technical Assistance

Talent Management

Operations and

DISC© and
Birkman Method©
Coaching and
Leadership Tools

Strategic and
Workforce Planning

Data Analytics

Grant Writing

Graphic Design

More Funding for Your Mission

As a non-profit, we understand the challenges agencies face when striving to be fiscally responsible with taxpayers or donor’s money. Stakeholder expectations to responsibly use all available resources through reduced payroll expenses ensures more funding for the mission and less allocated for operations.

Join the gig economy and contract with independent workers for short-term engagements without losing the benefit of skilled workers.

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Our History

Established in 1984, we specialized in workforce development and center management. During the thirty years of operations management, our expertise in all aspects of management led to a pivot in our mission. We now assist small businesses, non-profit organizations and workforce board areas with building effective programs and business solutions.